How to get ready for Auckland's Best Spray Tans

In summer, we can do any where from 15-40 spray tans per week.  Thats alot of bronzed bodies running around Auckland. 

Some of the feedback we get from our clients are things like:

  • "it looked so natural"
  • "it lasted so well"
  • "It faded really well and I didn't end up patchy"
  • "I was brown and not orange"
  • "It made me feel slimmer and more toned"

We love hearing comments like this, it means we are doing the best spray tans.  

So I thought, to give you some tricks and tips to making your spray tan last the distance and look its best, here are my top tips for prepping for that perfect spray tan:

Exfoliate the day before.  Make sure you focus on areas such as ankles, feet, knees, back of legs, elbows and backs of hands.  We find that if you remove the dry, dead skin from these areas, it stops the tan from sticking to these ares.

Make sure you aren't wearing deodorant or perfume, this works as a repellant for the spray tan solution.  Also make sure you aren't wearing any moisturizer on your body.

Make sure your waxing/shaving is all up to date, as you don't want to be doing this after your spray tan.

  • To make sure your tan lasts longer here are some tips:
  • Limit shaving and waxing
  • Pat dry after showering
  • Don't exfoliate or use loofa's etc, you can start this when you notice the tan starting to fade.
  • Moisturize once or twice a day to keep skin soft and hydrated.

We pride ourselves in doing Auckland's best spray tans out of our salon based in Parnell Auckland.  You can book your spray tan online at

Amber xx


All You Need To Know About Shellac Manicures

Shellac Manicures are one of the fastest growing nail trends, however, if you have never had a Shellac Manicure before, you may have some questions about what Shellac is and what are the benefits of having a manicure with Shellac.

What Is Shellac? Shellac is a fully-patented brand owned by Creative Nail Design and is a hybrid of normal nail polish and a gel. Shellac is owned specifically by CND and gel polish refers to all other similar products available with other brands.

Shellac is applied like a normal polish but the Shellac product is cured using UV light that gives it great flexibility, durability and leaves an incredible shine on the nails. Shellac manicures are typically more expensive than traditional manicures but it will last you for up to two weeks, unlike regular manicures which may chip much sooner.

What Is the Main Difference Between A Normal Manicure and a Shellac Manicure? Regular nail polish has a much longer drying time than shellac because it dries by evaporation which means it can take up to 3 hours for it to fully dry. Shellac is cured using a UV light which completely dries your nails and leaves it strong enough to withstand any knocks and bumps to your nails after your manicure.

How Does Shellac Differ From Other Nail Enhancements Such As Acrylic Extensions? Shellac is more gentle on the natural nail when applied correctly in comparison to the techniques used to apply extensions or overlays. It doesn't require a drill, and removal doesn't leave nails weak, dry or torn.

Can Shellac Be Removed At Home? Yes, Shellac can be removed at home, however, it does require you to have 100% Acetone and takes about 15 minutes to remove.  Do not pick at or peel off your Shellac manicure. It can be very damaging to your nails, and peeling off Shellac often takes layers of your real nail with it.You can also have the Shellac removed at the salon, which very minimally increases the time and is less of an inconvenience.

Overall, Shellac manicures are very safe and long lasting but a lot of the success of your Shellac manicure will come down to which salon you go to, the nail stylist and also how well you look after and maintain them at home. Little things such as wearing gloves while doing housework and/or gardening, using cuticle oil regularly and removing them correctly all factor into how long your manicure will last and also how well your natural nails will hold up throughout the process.

We take pride in that our Shellac Manicures last the distance. 

The Benefits of the Pure Fiji Dilo Repair Range

The Dilo tree also known as the "Tree of a thousand virtues" is a native of the Fiji Islands located in the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean.

The opulent, nutrient-filled and warm waters of the Pacific give life to the amazing Dilo tree. Dilo is known for its rare ability to soothe pain and irritation on the skin and to promote the skins repair mechanism and the growth of healthy skin.

Dilo oil is traditionally used as a healing aid in the islands and is highly respected for its healing qualities. The oil is cold pressed and is a pure oil that is easily absorbed through the skins layers. The essential fatty-acids found in the oil help to ease many skin ailments and  soothes irritation and inflammation whilst super-charging the healing and repair process.

The Dilo oil instantly calms, nourishes and repairs skin affected by: Sunburn, Windburn, Dermatitis, Dehydration Rashes, Insect bites, Acne, Eczema, Shaving irritation, Post microdermabrasion, Post Radiation and Chemotherapy.

Dilo is your SOS of skin care, for all those little emergencies over summer (and even winter). They have a range of gels, sprays, lotions, bath soaks and they even have a Pure Dilo Face oil, which is 100% dilo oil.

We stock the range of Pure Fiji Dilo (and their normal range) in our salon at 245 Parnell Road, Parnell.

We LOVE the Pure Fiji range and use their products through our Manicures and Pedicures, and we believe this is what makes our Manicures and Pedicures the Best in Auckland.


Benefits of Regular Pedicures

Having regular pedicures isn't as vain as it sounds, apart from having beautifully pedicured toes, there are some great health benefits for regular pedicures, even in the cooler months.  They hold the same benefits for guys as well.

Think about how much you walk over a year, on average we take between 8000-10000 steps per day, that adds up to around 3 million steps over a year!.  That's a lot of time on your feet, so its important to make sure you look after them.

Decreases your chances of infections.

Tending to your feet, in the way of shortening toe nails (which can stop ingrown toenails), also, the elimination of dirt and bacteria, will keep your feet in tip top condition.

Exfoliates the feet.

Apart from your feet feeling amazing, regular exfoliation of your feet helps removes dead skin cells, and prevents them from accumulating on the feet and causing things like bunions and corns.  Also, removal of dry, dead skin (especially around the heals) helps with encourage new cell growth and in turn make your feet smoother and look more hydrated.

Promotes circulation.

When you are having a pedicure and there is usually a scrub and massage component to your pedicure.  This helps move blood around your legs and distribute is through your body.  This helps reduce swelling and painful feet.


Taking some much needed "me" time is always good for you, but adding in a massage and some relax time, helps recharge your batteries and you always walk away feeling a million dollars.

Over the years we have carefully crafted our pedicures to help, not only maintain the health of your feet, but to help give you some time out from your busy life.  We pride ourselves in providing the best pedicures in Auckland.  We use Pure Fiji products through our salon, and I can promise, this will leave your skin feeling amazing.