Queenstown Eyebrows Sat 4/Sun 5/Mon 6th March 2017


Little citys need great brows

Hello Queenstown!!

So in November 2016, I took my pop up clinic to Queenstown, with amazing results.  The ladies down there had been waiting for someone to come along and create some brows.  I heard their call.

So, heres a little about me.  I started Verdo just under 7 years, ago.  We have won awards, got fantastic reviews and we love what we do.  This year, I decided to help women with their brows.  So trained, and practiced till I was super happy with the results (I am a perfectionist), and now I am fully booked in my salon doing brows.

However, being the person I am, I also like to offer services like this to smaller areas in the country.

So this is where my pop up brow clinic started.

So heres want you need to know.

Cost is $350 per session.  2 sessions are required.  

Why do you need 2 sessions.  The first session puts down the foundation to your brows.  The second session really consolidates the brow and finishes it off.  Without the second session your brows will be gone within about 8-12 weeks.  With the second session your new brows should last you 12-18 months.  I will not work on people who I think will not carry out the second session, this doesn't allow for my work to look at its peak.

Yes, I come back 4-6 weeks later for your round 2 session, so no worries there.

I work out of an Airbnb house/apartment, that way you guys have easy access to me.

I do require a $200 deposit to secure your booking for round one and two, and this is fully refundable if the trip doesn't go ahead, from things at my end.  Unfortunately It isn't refundable to you if you change your mind and I have already sorted accomodation/flights.  However, if I can find you a replacement for that spot, I am not one to keep deposits.

Balance of $250 plus $15 for medi cream, is due about 7-10 days before the treatment.

For round 2, balance of $250 is due 7-10 days before my second trip.

Why is the slightly more expensive than in my salon? I spread my travel expenses across everyone.

I do have minimum numbers to make this happen.  However, with most of my pop up clinics I end up turning people away.  As I can only do so many before my eyes end up cross eyed :).

Hopefully this should cover enough for you to make your mind up, if not please feel free to email me at amber@verdonails.co.nz.

In the meantime I highly suggest, you google my salon and me to find out as much information as you need to help make your decision.

To secure your space for my up coming pop up clinic, email amber@verdonails.co.nz, and I will send bank details etc.

Looking forward to coming down to create some amazing brows.

Here are some of the before and afters from my recent trip to Queenstown.