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Adashiko Collagen, why I love it and why I stock it in the salon

So I am a big believer in internal health as much as external. So when I started noticing one of my knees making a horrible sound, it started worrying me, and so I did my research.

Whats the one thing we need, but diminishes as we get older….collagen. So I again did more research and came across Adashiko Collagen, thought I would give this a try. The reason I did was I am able to put the powder into my coffee, a lot of powders aren’t heat stable, which means they become useless when you get them into heat. Im not a smoothie drinker, nor do I like taking things with water. The collagen is totally flavourless. I have heard of other brands that are good, but the after taste is horrible.

I had been on the Ultra Collagen for just over a month, when I noticed clients commenting on my skin a little more than usual. Not collating the two, I just kinda brushed it off, until my appearance medicine doctor (the lady who does my boxtox) commented on how great my skin was doing. I told her that I wasn’t doing anything new for my skin, but I was taking collagen for my knee….her comment…”well there you go”.

What I had noticed on my skin was when I didn’t have makeup on, my skin looked glowy and healthy, and that often I didn’t feel the need to cover it. From there I am now starting to notice stronger nails, and I am getting new fluffies growing in my hair (which means new hair growth).

The other thing I have noticed, is I have lost a little bit of weight, I don’t weigh myself at all (thats depressing), however, I am feeling good about myself. Nothing has really changed in my world apart from collagen powder. I did some research around the weight loss factors and side effects may include:

May Building muscle and fat loss

May Reducing cellulite

May Improve Digestive Health

It also suppresses your appetite due to the amino acid profile.

So overall, what started as an exercise in trying to protect the cartilage around my knee, ended up being a wee gem, a great find and my clients are loving it.

I have also been using their Collagen and Noni gel as well, this beautiful gel works perfecting morning and night, and goes on beautifully and if full of all the good things in life.

Everything I sell on my online store comes with the “Amber uses it guarantee”, I have tried and tested and love everything in my online store, and I know you will too.

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